No Offense: Republicans are the Devil!

The second installment of  my new series, “No Offense:”.  In all of my diplomacy, I have a fairly open view of the world. I can normally see two (or many more) sides to a a story or action.  Because of this blessing, or curse as it may be, I witness things truly, without a judgmental eye.  At the same time, I am also terribly sarcastic and love to laugh at myself, others, and the state of our society.

This card is from “The Republican Tarot” deck

The Devil is associated with ignorance.  To be ignorant is to be unenlightened.  In the tarot deck, the #15 card of the major arcana, is associated with The Devil.  The meaning of the card is obsession, enslavement, forgetting the spiritual and being generally unenlightened.

The Devil is selfishness.  He rules Hell and therefore, inflicts pain and torture on souls. No offense, but that’s kind of what Republicans do.  If Jesus were around today, Republicans would Pilate him all over again (which kind of lets the Jews off this time around because most of them are Democrats).  Christ would be branded a bleeding-heart socialist for trying to help the needy within the community, and he would, once again, be crucified.

The Devil is also greed.  If there’s anything Republicans REALLY love, it’s money (and uncovering the dirty sex scandals of Democrats, so they have new masturbation material).  No offense to the Republicans who don’t have any sexual hang-ups founded upon ancient doctrine.  Let’s be honest, those seeking “fiscal responsibility” with little-to-no-financial-oversight are usually the wealthy (including the corporations which are the Beelzebubs of our American hell).

The Devil is a liar; purposely spewing falsities and ignorance to the masses, much like FOX News. No. Wait. What I meant to say is the Devil is fair and balanced.  He just calls ‘em like he sees ‘em.

The Devil has been known to make good people do very bad things.  Take for instance, the Tea Party.  They were probably semi-decent people before they started drinking the devil’s high-fructose corn-syrupy evil juice.  They have been led to believe lies like global warming is a hoax, Obama is an undercover terrorist and his healthcare plan will kill you!   When the Devil’s sheep believe those lies, they turn on their fellow man with animosity and hate.  Animosity and hate is the life-blood of the devil.

No offense, but by this definition (and the fact that Ann Coulter is in their corner), Republicans are most certainly the devil!

The devil has put a penalty on all things we enjoy in life. Either we suffer in health or we suffer in soul or we get fat.
- Albert Einstein

Note:  My insincerest apologies to my Republican friends. Your party has been overtaken by ignorant, greedy white people (with a smattering of darker-skin, but trust me, you’re not even pepper; more like slightly dirty salt).  And lest you think I can’t truly see many sides of a situation, you will get your requital with my “totally inoffensive” indictment of your Democratic friends.



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